viernes, 14 de junio de 2013

IBM AS400 en 25 diapositivas

La revista electrónica "IBM Systems magazine", esta publicado interesantes artículos  aprovechando la efemérides de los 25 años del  sistema AS400 (i)., para dar a conocer mejor este sistema, a los profanos; y también para gozo de los veteranos. Entre ellos destaco los siguientes:

  1. Integration: The invisibility cloak of complexity
  2. User Groups: We’ve really got a lot in common!
  3. AS/400: The 36 was from Venus, the 38 from Mars
  4. TIMI: Shoes that fit every occasion
  5. Single-level storage: Where did I leave my keys?
  6. Subsystems: Hostel or hotel?
  7. Object orientation: May I see your badge, please?
  8. Integrated database: Will you need a bed in your hotel room tonight?
  9. Virtualization: A great idea is new again.
  10. System Integrity: Trust but verify
  11. ISVs: An application system for business
  12. International: Anyone for double-byte Ping-Pong?
  13. Business Partners: A freight train needs a track
  14. Lab Services: Want a superstar on your team?
  15. Out-of-box: No assembly required
  16. RPG: No, it’s not rebounds per game
  17. Integrated Middleware: Tricked out or built in?
  18. PASE: Welcome to the family!
  19. PHP: Red wine with fish, Mr. Bond?
  20. POWER: What do IBM i and Watson have in common?
  21. User interfaces: Green is good; BYOD might be even better.
  22. Reliability: Over a long distance, you learn a lot about the strength of your horse
  23. Automated service: The robocall everyone wants to get
  24. LUG: Want something to change? Do it together.
  25. Client success: The Rochester way

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